i fear radikalisation


isolating yourself in easy answers the easy answer is complex

the psychology

derives from lack


then gains formats

this construct is a pact

with the self against ideas of range diverse to yours averse to yours


so i witness and I fear



since your need to appoint reasons to establish the why of your hardship erases tolerance


easy path to blame and judge

making sense to your world

you chose me to be at fault and influence of words that find ur special pain


you silence me


make way to mend ur peace inside to stay undistracted

you turn away


i see into paths outspokenly

no discourse that opens up new ways no love that could unite at heart

is heard


your anger grants u choice for ignorance

and choice in action

choosing polarities which rule the understanding into black and white right and wrong


the exclusion is strong

the aggression embeds itself in mental circles to belong this radikal path rages throughout our world


rage run blame swear


scape goat appointment

leverage of discomfort

you dont bend thoughts you explain

the world has its many ways

you say you know all those ways

and remedies for it

and enemies in it

those milestones to deliver, climb and hatch in praise is crucial mental hygiene

which you are obsessing with


to execute the rite you ascribe healing meaning to giving way to the emergency of a dominant thought that will lead to your salvation


defending your construct by all means applying defence strategies


appoint the enemy

read into me obsessively


rage from distance and from close seeking distance to cross out relevance where i am part of you

breathing common sphere

where i am like any truth within


diffusing singular fear but i cause conflict

i am polarity


but i step back

never meant to activate

i m at loss and helpless when you are ascribing meaning to me