The settler

i am nomad

feeling pain in change

but change is breath, vitality

change is taught

all streets teach eyes and houses‘ feel


to know of difference, smell the abscence

reoccurances are vivid

rememberings become alive


change is taught eachtime anew

confronting sets of measure facing the i

in times never to regain

remainings warp to monuments


he she it

they crush monuments

vote against alas you fight against

at night a tag

boozy weekends pee

monuments who s memory

holy stance remains in question, will be questioned

destruction teaches change


how to catch up in ones brain


nowhere to return where smells mean da same

forgetting this

memories dont haunt when triggers died - you in your head keeps them alive


teach the change ?


Finally all expressions go right into you

expressions formed in processes delivering exact shortlist of fashion forecast

to please your expectancy


now it took you over, its faster then you


_ a collection of contemporary ensuite appartements

property ads take language from galleries. No bypass, extreme surrender

city west berlin am zoo

speak in brand new terms

desperately aligning fantasies of prestige to cardboard walls


an area advertised for what you were about till you couldnt execute no longer


was formed from your rib

and got the better of you for others dreams (???...) to come true




no victimisation, but semi forced self actualisation

when u re tired dreams are sheltered in expectancy‘s reach



apocalypse. Nothing to seek


trapped inbetween wishers brought to their wishes

getting entangled in the ideas that come with it


starting to feel self conscious

Putting in question what is felt

not wanting to compare or comply

how to fail to be monitored

What results from not being monitored ?

Its the ideas that are monitoring you from inside

polarities emerge: seeking out the furthest place


in the meantime

if no value is placed the wasteland speaks

seeking developments

as care equals terretorial protection

not available for

littered streets

the available ones are littered

free spaces


for the reason to be there goes :

not self perception in cirumstance

not space time contextualisation

not by aiding alarming ideology of social consumption of space

wasteland inspired because


Step da roof build a hut to save money in this town

afloat on the rivers to save money in this town

in co habitation between cardboard walls to save money in this town


not more caring like cat shits into bed

would never do but you do


not more caring as its: only passing through


when the nomad leaves his trace one speaks abundance of left over consumption

not so free nomad seeking goods leaving behind its package


not valuing the steps on roof as hut is only to save

money in this town


hallways littered

your room

your castle never turn the music down


cohabitation not for communities sake

its poverties reason

poverty till u agree


try getting rich or die sharing

reads the sign. And while Attitude counts, amount of interactions defines personal space

people for places zero committement full dependency


places designed for us

moving is ritualised



and announced through advancement in landscapes


drama in change is taught through experience


while in the momentary, those times inbetween

Interior of the castle corner features care and outlook

the mess inverts

visit me

to see the emergent constructs that define my current