Its her timeline placed into mine, framed in the moment laying out the town for me.

Its my timeline placed into yours, framed in the moment laying out the town for you.


fixing memories to corners. What emotion is being proposed. Whats its Shape and colour. the occasion morphs due to co creation by a strangers voice

unavoidable but easy to grasp in mood and mode

in lapses of expression

activating thought


Symphonies of influences in background foreground audio alignment for time line here and later

and later and brought to be heard elsewhere

these memories can travel

never be translated but can transgress and inform

crash new moments, singing for this time

rush into the given structure and place and place something to belong but fleeting

something that might inspire

something that is giving

lady singing by the source - Sofia, Bulgaria
russian lady in the tiled hallway - U7 Adenauer Platz, Berlin
religious lady - Seven Sisters, Haringey, London