the 11th Hour in motion
performance with Jonathan Hallam
22nd november 2014



the fourth blue wall is a performance, a re-appearing snap back into the exact same paremeter it originated from yet in its relapse and reassemblage of imagery and words  its a homage to the terretory


 at 613 commercial road e14 7nt, Anatums  Abode



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ANATUMS ROUNDTRIP memorial day and get together

22nd november 2014

2-9 pm at 613 commercial rd, e14 7nt  london, Anatums Abode



saturday daytime the day kicks off with a symposium on the politics of space

followed by lunch and activities  using the full scape of the site

to be moving into sound and performances  to celebrate access, freedom of convention and freedom of expression for two years Anatums Abode, our independent project space and urban oasis.

event infos


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live Video Collage paraReality

10pm at DIG in 87 Old Rd, SE135SU


our piece for digs bithday is a video offering insights in the workings of our both spaces paraReality*

divided by borrows, the thames but connected through the docklands light railway there is things going and expressions practiced actively and passionatly in arts and community, health and space politics * at the very same time

- from anatums abode in limehouse to dig in lewisham and back


we re bringing a selection of Anatums past and recent past's actions to Dig in form of a video collage.


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