Freedom Country - SEEK FINDER
Dreampoles - SEEK FINDER

speak slowly and clearly into the MIC hole

choose those who had to find their own way of expressing
to cut
pockets that dont cross polinate
to give
mind migration

acclimatising in the dominant culture
to be understood
to be twisting the terms /time
for twist in terms
gives time.

we do visual meaning training
on short snap impression streamline from everywhere borrow to mix
fetishising the collage of the given options

choose from to reproduce from
fast food and faster eyes
and archive minds

play back voice memo
the snap
along with smells
the witnesses
with words
heart felt cross find
hear to feel
breath still

locking no position
allowing for no precision
overread or leave it sink to see a link much later

other times‘ informants dance the reign in mpeg
phased out before
but capturing trap encapsules and brickworks
the memory lane and passports
and lifetime timeline and saves it
on one of the partitions on the harddrive

braindepth mind field
exposure matters
disbalance prooves a vulnerability, is strikingly
repeating beliefs
latching on formats
inherent obedience grows firmly oh dailies
oh centuries
oh media tv
and words of threat in proportion
he advices
they advise you
she advices

the negotiation terms run parallel to RL
they are underpinned in the silent scream line
of the codes in function
of the hopes in question
of running status quo
co molding

but any sculptures' script will fail their future
we run like water seeking holes
transcending through matter
sinking depth and creation
speed tuner

the jump, the consequent
refreshes, bears conclusions in the personal
when transmitting to actively perceive
the physical is
the standing force
and no shout outs
no striking sighting
no gesture
non descriptive powers rule the mode
the blast the sensation
the emotion
pointed diffused
aimed and abused

potentially screaming


from within the pocket insular