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Saturday 22 november 12-9 pm

ANATUMS ROUNDTRIP memorial day and get together

613 commercial road e14 7nt

saturday daytime the day kicks off with a symposium on the politics of space and is followed by lunch and activities using the full scape of the site. moving into sound and performances to celebrate access, freedom of convention and freedom of expression for two years of Anatums Abode, our independent project space and diy oasis.

Anatum’s existence can be described as “using the given”, in terms of space, time, materials. The transformation of derelict space into a creative playground witnessed as a constant development

12 am

Group meditation and extreme chants facilitated by Skew Siff

with the intention : This is a simple gathering to practise an ancient group healing technique in a derelict space brought back to life that responds to the necessity of sharing time and compassionate thoughts toghether in urban settings as those often lead changes for the rest of the world

2 pm


whether its inspirations for an action in an empty lot or initiating lasting projects in the immediate scope of our urbanity > we are looking into examples of an attitude towards co-creation within and outside of the politics of space practical examples of co-operative settings as well as theoretical approaches towards the usage of space and its limits are encouraged

no limits is the beat

with contributions by Arlette Ess, Llew Watkins, Andre Verissimo,

Teatime with Kurka Zenit

Performances encompassing the whole site by Jorge Torres, Jonathan Hallam, Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou, Charlotte Wendy Law, Lee Fükke and Anastasia Freygang

Sound collage investigated by Chairman Kato and soundscapes recycling with bobby august